The New Normal

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As he held up his hand to me, I hesitated for a second. I have not shaken a hand for what seemed like an eternity. This was me, at a meeting near the Melbourne CBD, a first for me since [...]

Feedback from our Zoom course

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“I attended the VC Course in Nov 2020 and truly enjoyed it. I was worried that spending full 8 hour days in front of a PC for a course might drag for long but time passed surprisingly fast. This was [...]

Zoom Zoom !

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Our Nov 12-13 Venture Capital/Private Equity run was conducted successfully on Zoom. All participants were extremely motivated and fully switched on during the course despite the online circumstances with its attendant distractions and technical hiccups. In fact, the only major [...]

Its Not Just The Product..

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A Watershed Year for Some Recently, I read about Top Glove's surge in sales and profit for the last financial year. Top Glove is a Malaysian rubber glove manufacturer who also specialises in face masks, condoms, dental dams, and other [...]

Making our Courses More Accessible

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Now - Grants and Credits In July this year, our VCPE course was made eligible for the FTS grant by the Institute of Banking and Finance (IBF). This grant potentially subsidises up to 95% of our course fee for eligible [...]

Its Not You….Its just… the timing…

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The Business In November last year, I was asked to raise Series A funding for a customer-engagement business based in Melbourne. The business was operating in Australia, had a sound business model, competent management team, a few internationally renowned brands [...]

Risk and Return

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A new normal? As we adjust to the norms of this covid-hit world, some norms, however, remain the same....risk and return. Some time ago, I was invited to invest in an opportunity on the investment thesis that the entry price [...]